MTS roof trusses are designed and manufactured at our plant at Waterford Airport Business Park and are fabricated using the latest design technology and software from Gang-Nail® Systems. We design and manufacture roof trusses from very simple designs for affordable housing through to highly creative and complex designs for prestigious and luxury developments and all types of one off housing.

All trusses are manufactured to comply with NSAI standards and are CE marked to comply with the construction products regulation.

Why customers use MTS Roof Trusses.

MTS’s flexible approach to the manufacture of roof trusses means that we can supply individual roof truss packs or complete truss sets. We can also offer a 10 day turnaround premium express service with all trusses packed and clearly identified to your specification.

Our capabilities.

MTS supplies prefabricated roof trusses utilising the highly effective Gang-Nail® fastening system. We can produce trusses with span lengths up to 15 metres and heights of 4 metres to virtually any design including laminated and curved joist sections.

Top Quality Roof Trusses.

Manufactured using only strength graded European Redwood and Whitewood and galvanised connector plates.

Free Quotations and Technical Service.

Our trained technical staff can provide a fast detailed quotation free of charge for any size of scheme, from domestic extensions to large developments, and our resident engineers using sophisticated in-house computer equipment are available for technical consultation.

Specialists in Complicated Design and Manufacture.

Our technical staff have been trained to the highest levels to allow MTS to specialise in supplying Roof Trusses for complex roofs of all types and sizes and the machinery has been set-up to maximise efficiency and accuracy.

Ancillary Services.

Design and manufacture of bolted trusses and latticed beams, provision of loose timber, stability bracing and all necessary structural metalwork and Protim pressure treatment are all aspects of MTS’s ancillary services.


SpaceJoists are a structural flooring system manufactured using a combination of timber and steel to give a more stable, stronger and light weight alternative to standard timber joists. The open web feature of these joists allow for all services to pass through the joists without need for cutting or boring.

SpaceJoists come in a varying sizes from 195mm – 425mm in depth and from 75mm – 122mm in width depending on the design requirements and are manufactured on our new open web roller machine to varying lengths. All our SpaceJoists have European Technical Approval (ETA) and are CE marked to comply with the construction products regulation.

What are the benefits of SpaceJoist system?

Long Spans: Longer spans are achievable in comparison to solid timber. This may eliminate the need for intermediate load bearing internal walls, reducing a building’s overall cost.

Reduced Wastage: Manufactured to size eliminates site alterations saving time on site.

Design Flexibility: SpaceJoist can be designed top hung to eliminate the rim board in timber frame construction, improving air tightness and reducing thermal bridging.

Sound Performance: SpaceJoist delivers outstanding acoustic performance to comfortably pass English and Welsh regulations, even complying with the more stringent 43dB Scottish regulations without additional insulation, plasterboard or resilient bars.

Fire Performance: NEW SpaceJoist category C open web floor solution is approved by the Structural Timber Association (STA) in their product paper 4 as an acceptable option to achieve a fire robust solution during the construction process.

Easy to Handle: Now even lighter, the lightweight construction makes SpaceJoist easy to individually move on site without the need for crane hire. Alternatively, floor and roof sections (cassettes) can be delivered to site and craned into position to save build time.

Wide Nailing Surface: Fixing of floor and ceiling materials is simpler and quicker due to the minimum chord width of 72mm.

Highly Engineered: SpaceJoist are manufactured off-site ensuring consistent quality and reliability.

Open Web Design: Fast and simple installation of services, without the need for drilling or notching. Joists can accommodate large services such as mechanical heat recovery systems.