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Why Timberframe

The main advantages of MTS timber frame homes is that they are energy efficient, warm and comfortable in winter and conversely cool in summer.

The frame can be delivered, erected and have the roof in place in a matter of weeks. Then under this weatherproof shell the interior and exterior finishing can proceed uninterrupted.

Once sealed, the timber frame will remain dry and protected for generations and will last just as furniture or staircases and other timber joinery has stood the test of centuries in existing period homes.

The all important factor in timber frame is INSULATION. MTS can assist in choosing any level of insulation you require for your home, from the standard “U value” requirements of current building regulations, to the lofty heights of the futuristic passive house and all levels in between.

All MTS homes meet with current building regulations for insulation and FIRE irrespective of what standard of insulation is chosen.

Insulation and Airtightness

A properly erected and managed timber frame structure can attain the highest levels of air tightness, and can achieve an "a", "b", "c" or "d" in energy rating depending on the original specifications.

A traditional block built structure is unable to achieve better than a minimum rating because the nature of the construction makes if difficult to achieve air tightness to a satisfactory degree.

In the near future air tightness will assume an even greater level of importance as home heating becomes more expensive and the scarcity of fossil fuels pushes energy costs ever higher.

The very nature of a timber framed home and the use of pre fabricated truss roofs can more easily facilitate the future installation of solar roof panels that dove tail with existing heating systems, further reducing your carbon footprint, and increasing the use of renewable energy, thereby enhancing U values.