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About Us

MTS are the specialists in manufacturing and erecting timber frame houses. Established in 2001 in anticipation of the phenomenal growth in timber frame construction, MTS has been at the forefront of timber engineering ever since.

The MTS custom designed factory occupies a 4 acre site at Waterford Airport Industrial Park, employing 130 highly trained specialists, operating a full in-shop manufacturing system. Fully family owned, MTS enjoys an unrivalled reputation among architects, builders and home owners alike.

With a fully computerised (CAD) design facility to interpret the architects concept, through to erecting the timber frame on site MTS uses the most modern construction technology.

The guiding principle of MTS is summed up with the phrase - "Build with the future in mind".

This principle is proving to be more and more appropriate, as European, and Irish governments enact legislation to reduce our carbon footprints.

Every house in the near future will be given a “U” energy value. This value will determine how efficient your home is and more importantly will directly affect its re-sale value.

By ensuring your home is an “MTS Better-Built Home”, you are insuring your future investment. The renewable resources used in an MTS home, coupled with the superior insulation installed, ensure your home is “Future Proofed”, by achieving an excellent U value.